The Stand-Up Comic

[photo courtesy of Brian Yungblut]
Bonez Poley: an up-and-coming comic to watch out for!

Performing regularly around Southern Ontario, she also graces stages all across Canada. Winner of Showtime Comedy’s Amateur Showcase, finalist in Niagara’s Top Comic, and headlining feature at In The Soil Arts Festival, she’s sold-out shows and shared stages with some of the biggest names in Canadian comedy.

Her stand-up themes speak to her personal experience as a female, as an activist, as a multi-disciplinary artist, as someone who identifies as pansexual and polyamorous, as someone who lives with bipolar and borderline personality disorders, as a seasoned adventurer, and so much more.

Bonez leads a colourful life to say the least. Her unique brand of self-deprecating humor weaves twisted testimonies into an honest and intimate storytelling experience.

“Bonez is unabashedly herself. Her humour is as ruthless as it is raw and insightful. Speculating upon things such as feminism, alcoholism, being a musician, and penis envy… she delivers grit with sophistication.” – Defne Inceoglu

“Fabulous…”  – Kim Van Stygeren

“Bonez has balls.”  – Josh Cornell

“A little vulgar but very funny!” – Richard Bigelow

“Better than Seinfeld” – Chris Van Stralen

“She has a way of approaching these very real thoughts that everyone has and creating a real connection that is funny and exciting.” – Figgy

“I’m glad I left the house today because I got to see Bonez’ hair.” –Elizabeth Richardson



Feb 24:  Hamilton
*Headlining* Winking Judge – 8pm

Feb 27:  Brantford
Club NV – 8pm

March 6:  St. Catharines
*Hosting* Comedy Live at Kaz’s (Kaz’s Pub) – 9pm

March 12:  Kitchener
Blackball Comedy at Rhapsody Barrel Bar – 8:30pm

March 14:  Niagara Falls
*opening for Ed the Sock!* Willie John’s Big Easy – 8pm

March 15:  Sudbury
‘BRB Tour’ w Kristian Reimer + Bret Measor
   Little Montréal Bar and Deli – 9pm

March 16:  Sault Ste Marie
‘BRB Tour’ w Kristian Reimer + Bret Measor
Rock Starr Barr – 9pm

March 19:  London
Roxbury Pub & Grill – 9pm

March 20:  St. Catharines
*Hosting* Comedy Live at Kaz’s (Kaz’s Pub) – 9pm

March 25: Hamilton
Lionshead – 9pm

March 29: Hamilton
905 Bar – 8pm

April 3:  St. Catharines
*Hosting* Comedy Live at Kaz’s (Kaz’s Pub) – 9pm